Marte - MBDA

Marte - MBDA



Medium range, lightweight anti-ship missile system


MARTE MK2 is a fixed/rotary wing and ship-launched group of medium-range anti-ship missile systems designed to meet operational requirements in complex shore environments and in blue waters.


The missile is available as MARTE MK2/S for new-generation helicopters for anti-surface warfare and as MARTE MK2/N for warships ranging from 30m to 50m+ in length. It can also be mounted on vehicles for deployment as a coastal battery.


In addition to these, a latest version has been added to the range: the Marte MK2/S-A, the fixed-wing air-launched version of this missile. In each case the same missile is used. Navies operating mid-sized helicopters such as the NH-90 or the AW.101 will therefore have a common stock of missiles for deployment from their helicopters, their ships and also from their LCA (light combat aircraft).


This new missile has been developed for a very wide range of weapon systems and is the latest version of the Marte MK2 that has been operating since the 1980s with the Italian Navy’s SH3D helicopter fleet. The MARTE MK2/S and MK2/N missiles incorporate various technological improvements resulting in increased operational performance.



  • Weight: 310 kg
  • Length: 3.85 m (canister 4 m)
  • Maximum Body Diameter: 0.316 m
  • Range: over 30 km
  • Speed: high supersonic




The first product in the Marte range was the helicopter version MK2/S which was fully tested in 2006 on the AW 101. Today integration on the NH 90 is underway and the naval version MK2/N is under development for the UAE Navy. Marte MK2/A is the new product of the Marte range which has been designed to equip fast jet aircraft and light combat aircraft. The missile is a medium range anti-ship missile designed to meet operational requirements in complex shore environments and in blue waters. The mission planning capability has been improved in order to minimise the operator’s activity and to give the highest chance of success against small and medium-sized vessels.




Medium range, lightweight anti-ship missile system


A preliminary version of Marte MK2/A was developed in the 1990s and integrated in the MB 339 and AMX aircraft.


For the MK2/S helicopter version the Marte MK2/A missile will maintain the same mechanical and electrical interface with the platform and the same vertical separation concept, except that the two accelerators will be removed due to the fact the firing speed of the aircraft will be the same order of magnitude as the cruise speed of the missile. The safe separation will be achieved thanks to a launcher which, during the firing sequence, releases and pushes the missile downwards, using stored energy, and gives the missile a vertical velocity of some meter per seconds.


The overall missile weight is reduced to 270 Kg instead of 310 Kg in the helicopter and ship versions. Although the missile system will incorporate some technological enhancements providing better operational performance, the missile will remain basically the same, so that permitting reuse of the same Integrated Logistic Support employed by customers who use the Marte MK2/S and MK2/N.


The missile system will be fully compatible with MIL STD 1760 and 1553 standards adopted by the new Advanced Trainer Aircraft M 346 manufactured by Aermacchi.

  • Operation in all weather conditions
  • Fire-and-forget mode
  • Shore and blue waters
  • Sea-skimming
  • Terminal attack manoeuvre
  • Rapid reaction time
  • Suitable for a wide range of aircraft




Medium range, lightweight anti-ship missile system


Marte Mk2/N is directly derived from the proven and already operating Marte Mk2/S helicopter-launched anti-ship system, and both versions use the same Marte Mk2 missile.


The Marte Mk2 missile, with an effective range of over 30 km, is a fire-and-forget, sea skimming missile suitable for all weather conditions, with inertial mid-course navigation through way points and an active radar terminal. The Mk2/N system incorporates a mission planning function to optimise operations.


Marte Mk2/N is clearly an anti-ship weapon system featuring medium calibre short-range guns: Marte Mk2/N for medium-range operations lying within the detection capacity of the ship’s own sensors and MBDA’s Otomat/Teseo or Exocet MM40 Block 3 for long-range operations. There is no need to support airborne detection and unlike a helicopter with anti-ship weapons, a vessel armed with Marte Mk2/N can stay on-site for extended periods.




New aircraft-launched long-range anti-ship missile


Marte ER is the most advanced and latest version of the currently operational Marte MK2/S, which shares the existing features of the Marte MK2 range such as use in all weather conditions, sea skimming with radar homing head, but has a maximum range well over 100 km.


With this new Over The Horizon missile version, MBDA plans to meet the new emerging needs for the Navies operating modern naval platforms.


The aforementioned range is achieved thanks to the use of a turbo jet engine. The combination of turbo jet propulsion and the fully digital avionics of Marte Mk2/S make the missile completely autonomous and allow the selection of multiple flight profiles and approach trajectories, as well as the possibility of re-attack. The missile has also been designed to adjust the trajectory during the flight.


This high performance extended-range anti-ship missile is suitable for both shore and blue water operations. The inertial and GPS navigation, the agility at high subsonic speed and state-of-the-art ECM techniques ensure its effectiveness in penetrating the most sophisticated air defence systems used on vessels.


Marte ER can be completely integrated within the aircraft Store Management System. The mission planning and target engagement can be managed automatically or manually. Many parameters can be selected, such as 4-D way points, target parameters, features and shape, seeker search area, navigation and attack mode, safety zone and simultaneous hit of the target for missile salvos.


Marte ER is designed for use with Marte Mk2/S; the Store Management System will automatically detect the missile type and no aircraft platform hardware change will be needed. The carrier beam will be the same and the separation and jettison stages will be similar. Furthermore the two missiles will share the same logistic support.

  • Fully digital multi-mission missile
  • Integrated Propulsion 'wooden round' module
  • Full interoperability with Marte Mk2/S



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