Guided Ammunitions - OTO Melara

Guided Ammunitions - OTO Melara



The sub-calibre guided projectile DART is characterized by aerodynamic surfaces which reduce drag and increase the projectile’s speed. By following a radio frequency beam, the Dart guided projectile can change its trajectory and be re-vectored towards the target during its flight.


The DART ammunition is very effective against manoeuvring missiles and small manouevring targets at sea, this situation is very common in current asymmetric conflicts where the security of large and expensive naval units can be jeopardized by cheap, small explosive boats.




VULCANO is a family of long range ammunition for 127mm naval guns and 155mm artillery systems. Its sub-calibre airframe allows high muzzle velocity and low drag coefficient with extended range capability of over 120 km.


VULCANO guided and unguided ammunition can be used to engage surface targets, ships and aircrafts.


The family of VULCANO ammunition includes the VULCANO 76mm which is still under development. It is a sub-calibre projectile that can engage a target over a 40 km distance doubling the range of a standard 76mm projectile. The Vulcano technology has been applied to a smaller calibre enhancing the capabilities of 76/62 naval guns in service with 56 Navies in the world, in order to engage targets with higher precision and minimize the risk of collateral damages.


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