Sistema ATC - Automatic Train Control - Ansaldo STS

Sistema ATC - Automatic Train Control - Ansaldo STS

In all the signalling technology evolutionary phases, Ansaldo STS has offered ATC systems, from the simplest intermittent type to the integrated type with semi-continuous and continuous transmission.



The features of these systems are tailored to the customer's needs as regards railway and metro line applications depending on the type of data transmission.


In every case, the system automatically applies a speed limit adjusted to the foreseen traffic conditions (block conditions), and in determined circumstances, resorts to a forced braking of the train with a complete application of the braking system.


The most up-to-date versions include three computerised subsystems (ATP, ATS and ATO), coordinated at a higher level.

  • China: Shanghai Metro, Line 2
  • Beijing - Whuan and Shenyang
  • Denmark: Copenaghen Metro
  • Italy: approximately 3500 km of the national network with the SCMT system (Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno/Rail Traffic Management System)
  • U.S.A: Los Angeles Metro, Green line